a.k.a. Music Theory Lessons


These kinds of lessons are aiming especially on the theory of music. I do believe music is a language, a spiritual language, that is spoken all over the world. I am going to show you the very principals of music, the basic bricks that have been built up by hundreds of years. I am going to explain and clarify everything for you! These lessons are theory focused, but still piano-based. I recommend these lessons for adults, musicians, or for those children who have hard times at theory or solfege classes. You are going to get a complete picture of the circle of fifth, the intervals, scales, triads, seventh chords, and above. I will show you how the great masters used these elements, and I will explain it to you, by analyzing works by W. A. Mozart, J. S. Bach, G.F. Handel.
No books needed, only a blank score, a pencil, and an eraser! (by the way, these are “the musicians two best friends: a pencil, and eraser.” – Kornel Fekete-Kovacs leader of MAO orchestra)